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Following years of students asking me to record a relaxation practice and telling me that they wished they could have me talk them to sleep, I released two relaxation CDs. Both CDs contain a mix of shorter, medium and longer relaxation practices, including one yoga nidra, plus a meditation or mantra practice. Both run to 1 hour 20 minutes. The CDs are £6.50 each. Postage and packaging are an additional £1.50. Please contact me by email to order.

CD 1:

Opening practice and dedication

Progressive muscle relaxation

Guided visualisation - the sound of the sea

About sankalpa

Yoga nidra (32 minutes)

Peace mantra

Counting the breath relaxation


CD 2:

Opening practice and dedication

Basic relaxation (parts one and two)

Reclining cobbler pose relaxation

On sankalpa

Yoga nidra (46 minutes)

Closing meditation



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