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The British Wheel of Yoga - this is the largest organisation for Yoga in the UK - a good way of finding local classes and teachers and is recognised by the Sports Council as the National Governing Body. This is the link for the British Wheel of Yoga


Iyengar Yoga UK - this is one of the main styles that influenced me. This organisation is more specific in looking after just Iyengar yoga in the UK. Again, a good source of information and for finding well-trained teachers. 


Cardiff Yoga Studio - this is one of the places I studied yoga, with the great Padmasimha - lovely people who also teach meditation and Buddhism. I teach one of the yoga for beginners courses here.


Dave's Gym - we use the yoga studio in the yoga loft upstairs here. The gym staff are very friendly and helpful. It's a lovely local gym. 


Yoga Loft - I share the studio with some other really gifted teachers - you might like to look at their classes or 1-1s too.


Yoga Journal - this is an excellent resource for inspiring your own home practice and a rich source of information for all aspects of yoga. 


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I support 2 charities in India - personally and when teaching yoga on the beach. I offer the teaching on a Karma yoga basis (without attachment to reward, as part of my service to humanity).

Both of these I have personal connections to, so am assured that money donated is spent wisely. 


Horizons Unlimited is a world wide collective of travellers and adventurers. I am very pleased to have presented at a number of their UK and European events, helping people to stay strong, healthy and happy to enjoy their adventures.


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