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Yoga with Tori


These longer sessions are an opportunity to get your teeth into some of the elements of yoga in a more in-depth session, or to try a taster of something new.

Shoulder Relief

A workshop combining yoga and physiotherapy to relieve common shoulder issues for climbers**


*NEW DATE* 28th April, 1pm-5pm

Boulders Climbing Centre,

St Catherine’s Park, Pengam Road, Cardiff CF24 2RZ

£30.00/ £27.50*

*Reduced price for Boulder’s Gold Members.

** open to non-climbers too!


Do you struggle with shoulder problems or injuries, experience stiffness, pain or restricted range of movement?


This session will improve knowledge and awareness, to reduce pain, improve range of movement, promote recovery from injuries, build strength and help get you back to enjoying your climbing again!


This is a joint workshop, bringing together the combined knowledge and experience from yoga (Tori Lang BWY Dip) and physiotherapy (Emma Hoskins, BSc hons, mscp), to explore common issues, compensatory patterns and then techniques to help your shoulders.


This session will combine knowledge and theory, physical exploration and practical movement practices.

Please bring a blanket (mats and other equipment provided).


To book or for more information, please contact:

Tori   07816 154850, or



Feedback from previous participants:


  • Very useful catch all session.
  • A really useful workshop that covered a lot in a short space of time. Great information and tips to help me improve my shoulder strength and hopefully prevent injury. Thanks both
  • A very good and informative workshop, coming away with a lot of knowledge. Both tutors very nice and friendly as well as very attentive. A ++++
  • Really helpful, informative, but also incredibly enjoyable workshop, my shoulder feel happier already J
  • Excellent content and teaching, good value for money, thank you both
  • Very well taught and presented
  • Both of you were really welcoming and helpful
  • Utterly inspired to go and practice!
  • Very informative and perfect balance of movement and information – thank you!
  • Extremely helpful – really excellent combination of yoga practice and physio and how they work together
  • Thank you! It is interesting that things I have felt intuitively have an explanation that now makes sense to me.
  • Thank you for very valuable workshop – lots of advice to take away with me
  • Good balance of theory and practical. Time went really quickly! Excellent
  • Tori and Emma were both fantastic, very informative and descriptive/ Thank you






Partner Yoga Workshop 

10th March



(£20 - low income)



Cathays Methodist Church Hall,

Crwys Road, Cardiff CF24 4NE

suitable for everyone with some yoga experience, no complete beginners sorry.

Partner practice
Partner work - finding union together. A  chance to exlore some fun and more challenging partner work variations. (not suitable for beginners).
 Partnered practice, (sometimes known as contact yoga) can be a great way to deepen your practice, to go further with asanas with assistance, and is great fun! The great philosopher Plato said, “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” This is a longer partnered asana practice designed for students with at least 6 months yoga experience (not suitable for beginners).
Playing is a powerful way to gain insight into yourself, too.
Union is the basis of yoga: mind, body and spirit, but also union with each other and with the world around us. Partner practice, synchronising breath and movement, supporting each other in our exploration of practice improves awareness and brings new elements to the practice. It can help to improve communication, trust, open-heartedness, freedom, confidence and joy.
This session is not specifically a ‘couples’ session (although it can be lovely to practice with a romantic partner) you are welcome to come with a friend (as long as they have at least 6 months experience in yoga asana) or on your own and be paired up on the day.

Please bring a mat and whatever other yoga equipment you usually use (blocks, strap, blanket).


To book or for more information, please contact:

Tori   07816 154850, or



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