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just wanted to tell you that I have returned from skiing without mishap mostly due to all the yoga I have been practicing with you and I am so grateful.  I could easily look behind me to check on my husband's progress on the slope, turn round to see the chairlift approaching to scoop me up and mostly ski for the day without my knees giving up.
Tonight’s class was perfect! Thank you so much - I really appreciate your wonderful sessions and instantly feel better for them. Definitely been missed over the summer, it’s good to be back!
Wanted to let you know also...that I found the 'Pitta' yoga you wonderfully explained makes alot of sense.
I find the mindfulness in Yoga and tuning in to yourself and how feelings are just as important to the movement and postures. 
I really get a lot from your class which helps me in many ways with everyday life.
thanks for all your fantastic classes which have been such a positive part of my time in Cardiff.  Its just the right time for me to move and even though this definitely isn't a goodbye I did want to acknowledge how much I've benefited from and enjoyed your teaching.
Having realised that we have been with you 4 years this month, I have recently realised that my fingers and knuckles, which were twisted with arthritis/rheumatism, when we started as beginners, have straightened out and are not even giving any pain at all! Thank you so much!
I just wanted to say you are a great yoga teacher and your classes really were life changing. 
Were I to provide a testimonial to Tori I could think of no better way to do so than by applying the words of K V Desikachar to her.  (Heart of yoga into page 25)….  “I was a slow learner and would do stupid things, yet she never gave me any indication that I was lacking. She would only say words in support of me,  such as …”You do not have the background I have,” and would patiently persevere with me.” So to fellow yogis I say remember these words next time you put your left leg forward when everyone else has their right, or when you reach under your left leg for that strap that you know should be there but surprisingly isn’t, there’s always that calming voice ready to guide you in the right direction……COMPLETELY WITHOUT JUDGEMENT.
This is just a quick note to say thank you for continuing to be an amazing yoga teacher and much more. You are supportive, inclusive and inspiring as well as so knowledgeable! This morning I was recovering from a very long, hot and tiring journey home from work yesterday and your class was exactly what I needed. Thank you!
If I never had another yoga class again I would always have yoga… in a way that I could never have known had it not been for yoga with Tori. My yoga with you has brought so many disparate strands of thought together and meaning to so many. You live what you teach, and as students I/we respond to you in part because of that, and also because you radiate love and peace (I make no apology for pinching that from your December update, because it’s true) and speaking for myself the eureka moments when they emerge extend far beyond the physical. Even though I only have half a somewhat bruised toe on that never ending ladder and path that is yoga, I feel happy that through your teaching I have at least found the ladder.
People are commenting that I have more energy about me, the only thing different in my life is yoga so that must be what's making the difference.
I thoroughly enjoyed today’s class. I learn a lot from your workshop sessions, when you focus on the specifics of certain aspects - from balance to breath, and everything else.  I feel I’ve mostly picked things up over the years and got by, rather than actually study moves or poses. (And, I have probably forgotten the things I was taught too ...). So, it’s a real treat, as well as a great benefit, to be guided through certain sessions. Thank you!
your classes are so good! So I'd like to say thank you to you also. Your classes have been such an important part of getting through lockdown. It has felt good to be part of your yoga community. Meeting you on the mat each week has given me a sense of connection and a fixed point to help navigate away from the potential for days to roll into one another. Your classes have certainly benefitted my meditation practice too. The deep relaxation sessions with yoga nidra have been fundamental in helping me connect with meditation and build a daily meditation practice. Meditation is a big part of the MS lifestyle programme I follow, but I had always felt like it was a task I had to get through, which is probably why I never stuck to it. Through your classes I have learned to love meditation and feel its benefits
I re-found yoga, and your class, this year because of lockdown! It had been 6 years since I was doing a class regularly (pre baby). I'm really happy that it's back in my life, and I love your classes.
When we started Yoga classes with you in Sept 2018, my fingers were rheumatic and I found it very hard to intertwine my fingers, since they were bent and some of the knuckles would not straighten.  I took on your finger, wrist and hand exercises at the start.  I cannot say I do them every day now, but I’m sure that the downward dogs and cat poses have continued to straighten my fingers.  When I was crocheting the other day, I realised that all but one knuckle is totally free to bend and the remaining one is so much better than it was.  It can only be the Yoga that has improved my hands.  When we did those hand and wrist exercises last week, I fully appreciated how much my hands had improved since that first Beginners course with you.
Yoga has become a really important way for me to manage MS, mentally in particular. I’m noticing the improvement in my strength and flexibility from attending regular challenging classes, and that is so empowering when managing a chronic condition. Coupled with the meditation and relaxation sessions I feel I have the right tools at my disposal with yoga! I don’t think you can underestimate the impact of your wonderful classes, I’m so grateful to C for introducing them to me.
I have fallen in love with yoga: I know I will always continue practicing now.  I have tried yoga a few times over the years and never felt a connection to it. I realise now it is all about the teacher as much as the practice. I have utter confidence in your knowledge and find your classes so stimulating and informative - I love that you describe what is happening in the body with each pose and what it is useful for. I also find your approach wonderful -  you inspire confidence, your instructions are so clear and you have such a calm and positive energy. And apart from that it's worth joining your class to see your smile every week which is so warm and welcoming! So thank you very much for everything. : )))
With every month that has passed since the pandemic started I have become more and more aware of how blessed I am to have yoga and meditation my life. I cannot imagine living through this time without the support, comfort and above all hope for the future that I owe to practising with you.
As always, I want to thank you Tori for everything you do for us all and your generosity of spirit in sharing your thoughts and ideas. Most of all, thank you for your wonderful yoga and meditation classes, now such an essential part of my life.


I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoy practice with you and I learn something new every time.


I used the yogic breathing when I had to have an operation on my face, to help keep me relaxed. It was under local anaesthetic, and felt quite claustrophobic, but the breathing really helped me to stay calm.  I love the moving meditation with the hands too, really helps me to feel calm and centred even just a couple of times through. I also use the metta practice now when putting my daughter to bed, it's become part of our bedtime routine.
Whatever you did to me in class yesterday, Thank you! I was feeling really out of sorts at the beginning, but it completely changed how I felt - so much lighter and more positive at the end - thank you!
I wanted to thank you for your classes and for your spirit,  perseverance and encouragement over this long haul of lockdown. Like your other students, I am incredibly appreciative and grateful.
Can’t resist emailing to thank you for another brilliant class. They’re all so great - I really enjoy it - feel challenged but that I’m very slowly improving too.  So grateful.
(after the deep relaxation class)   Seven hours continual sleep....That is the longest in ten years. Don’t know how you do it, but Thankyou. I can’t tell you how much that means.
What a wonderful practice today, it completely changed how I felt physically and mentally - so much lightness !
I just wanted to feed back about my practice and how enormously I value your Yoga classes.
I am definitely stronger, which is a wonderful feeling, a bit more balance, and most of all, I really believe it has changed my outlook. I feel brave, more confident, I can relax more easily and becoming aware of so many things , physically, emotionally and mentally. I think the Yoga Nidra has been central to this too, and has been an enormous discovery.
So, just wanted to say a huge thank you for it all
I know I’m not alone in finding your classes incredibly helpful in numerous ways - physical and emotional, and also the sense of compassion and community that you bring to the practice. 
Just booking into this evening's class and it struck me that I’m now entering my third year of yoga classes. I just wanted to let you know how much I continue to enjoy the whole experience. It was something I always wanted to try - and I kick myself slightly for not having taken the plunge earlier! But from the very first beginners class at the Yoga Studio, through to Dave’s Gym and now online it’s hands down one of the best things I’ve ever done.
Still early days in the grand scheme of things, but looking forward to continuing my yoga journey in the weeks, months and years ahead. Thanks for all your support along the way - we don’t always get a chance to say so properly, but your classes are a real tonic - especially in these rather strange times!
I’ve started a gratitude journal this year and you won’t be surprised to hear that my yoga practice with you has already been mentioned! I sometimes think what if I had never enrolled in your beginners’ class at the yoga studio - it will be ten years next August. One of the best moves I have ever made.
I think my highlights this year have been yoga at home ~ I have definitely attended more classes because of being able to do it from home. No travel time ~ just last minute booking, make a space, shut the door and land on my mat.........
I love relaxation with my legs up on the sofa and with some gentle fairy lights on. I would never have thought that yoga via Zoom would be so brilliant.
So thank you so much for everything this year. Your kind and wise words as we have practised have helped to give me strength and calm throughout this very weird year.
Just wanted to thank you for this year, your yoga classes have been a place where I have found inner peace. Also, thank you for being so kind and understanding.
This is mainly a thanks for your fantastic support for all of us lovely  yogis over the last 7 or 8 months.
You have certainly kept me going during such strange and uncertain times. More than ever now, as the days are darker, colder and damper and the quantity and quality of time spent outside is significantly reduced, I value the regular hours of yoga. So 'thank you' - it is truly appreciated. 
I can't thank you enought for the practise you have shared on-line this year. I wanted you to know you have made an amazing difference to my life. I've never spent so much time at home. I believe my yoga practise has had a major influence and helped me find a new level of balance and contentment. Had it not been for yoga, I think I would have struggled through these unusual times.  I love your happy disposition as well as the energy, enthusiasm and extensive knowledge that you bring to all your classes. Thank you so much, Namaste.
I just though you might be interested in an update on my back. 
Since speaking with you it has improved so much! And I feel like I understand it a lot better. I am doing two yoga classes and added in a Pilates class. The extra muscle tone is definitely helping as are the stretches you showed me that seem to get everything in the right position when sore.
I really appreciate your advice.  I'm actually starting to feel a little like my old self. :) There is still a twinge, it will probably always be there, but at least I'm mobile. 
I look forward to more classes. I'm so glad I was able to start classes with you again. 


The course has been a great introduction to yoga and has spurred me on to keep doing yoga. It has really helped me to develop my flexibility, confidence in my own ability and reduce general aches and pains. I now have new moves which I can use in my warm ups and cool downs when doing other activities.


I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the improvements the past 5 months of yoga have given me.

A couple of years ago despite being relatively fit I struggled with even simple motions like getting out of bed after tearing my stomach muscles and then injuring my back in a car crash. Following that I put on about 18kg and lost my fitness.

My initial interest in yoga was in finding something to help my partner, but quickly realised it might help me too, as I’d just started running and horse riding again but was frustrated with my poor performance.

Since starting yoga with you, supplemented with running and body weight training, I’ve:

  • Lost 21.5 kg.
  • Improved my 5km run time by 8 minutes (improved it by an amazing 4 minutes in one week, after we did the yogic breathing).
  • Am now able to easily run 10k, and have booked in for Cardiff half marathon.
  • Huge increase in my flexibility, I can touch my toes for the first time in my life, and find getting on my horse so much easier!
  • Got so much more core strength and stability, which has hugely improved my riding.
  • Am no longer afraid of plank type stress positions tearing my stomach again (I can comfortably hold 90 seconds - and know not to go any longer, at least for now!).
  • I’ve grown by just over 1cm through improved posture.
  • Feel like I have so much more energy.
  • Generally feel so much happier - didn’t realise I wasn’t happy before, but it kind of feels like a cloud has lifted.
  • Found a great way to to wake myself up in the morning ready for an early shift (I’m not a morning person!), 5 sun salutations and a few warriors seems to have far more effect than coffee!

It’s also improved my partner's day to day life, and given them some tools for when things aren’t so good.

So we’re looking forward to the next lessons. So see you then, and thanks again

I loved your light style, warmth, jokes (!) and care to teach adaptations that made each posture safe. Can't think of a better introduction to yoga. I suspect it (yoga) may have changed my life (for the better).
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Monday evening’s class. The sun salute was a bit of a revelation to be honest, first time I’ve ever been taught it that way (having previously tried to learn at mixed ability classes I think) and it’s really stuck this time!!  Looking forward to next week


My yoga classes at Boulders with Tori have become a real way of life. I honestly couldn’t do without them.  I had neck, shoulder and back issues before I started her classes and now I have the tools to help me overcome these. At the end of a class (however tired I feel at the beginning) I always leave feeling so much better - energised and focused . Tori is an excellent teacher who always takes the time to make sure that you get the best out of the session.


its been a wonderful experience being one of your students!  It was a really good experience. I like your big heart, your love and your dedication to teach us yoga and to open our heart to spirit. Thank you for being such an inspirational teacher- I have really enjoyed learning yoga with you and have felt a much needed positive shift in my life, so thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills. Hope to see you at one of your next retreats!


I'm still on cloud 9!!!

I had to write a quick email just to thank you - once again - for your wonderful classes. You are so thorough and careful in your teaching, with constant attention to detail concerning both safe practice and good technique. You inspire such confidence! I still can't believe I actually did that supported headstand - I thought it was something I wouldn't ever be able to attempt!

Thank you,


Can I also take the opportunity to thank you for your lovely Thursday class - The more I do it, the more I love it. I can't believe how much confidence I now have in what I can do, in spite of my very many limitations!! I come home every week feeling great, both physically and mentally, and the feeling keeps coming back to me over the next days at various times and influences how I feel about everything I do, in a very positive and happy way


TORI WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING - All the girls put down that they enjoyed
the session - I thought it was outstanding.  She was also so lovely.
Really, really good shout - intend to use her as often as possible and
will try and get to some of her classes one day when I get a chance.
Team Leader and Child Protection Officer


Just wanted to thank you again for tonight.
That relaxation was amazing. I haven't felt this relaxed in a long time. I can't even remember what you were saying even though I was listening. I felt like I went away from me.
It was amazing.
Thank you xx


I was thinking about what I said to you yesterday about feeling uplifted after all your classes. Whilst I feel more energised after the Saturday morning class and more like I've had a really good stretch or nice massage feel after your sun afternoon or weds evening classes, after all of them I feel like it's been good for my soul. Always feel loads better after doing your classes and like everything's right with the world again. And it's that which makes me feel uplifted, so thank you. 


I wanted to thank you. My husband suffers from Insomnia. Last week, when I went home he was wide awake and couldn't get to sleep, so I taught him what you taught us that night, and he went straight to sleep! We both had a really good night's sleep, so thank you so much!


It was lovely to see you this evening, and such a wonderful class - I got so much from it, so thank you...Thank you again for tonight - it was brilliant! It made me feel so much stronger and much more positive about everything.


I wanted to thank you for another great class and for being a fab teacher ;) My family and I had some devastating news last week and I've found great comfort in practicing what you have taught me and in your class tonight. There are difficult times ahead for me and knowing I've got yoga helps me feel stronger. What you do makes a real difference to people's lives :)


Tori is among the best yoga teachers I have met - her gentle and conscientious teaching style mean her classes have become one of the highlights of my week!


I have been practising yoga for nearly 10 years, and Tori's classes are some of the best I have attended. She teaches with an excellent eye for detail and subtlety - I am now working on postures I never thought I would be able to achieve!


I wasn't too sure what to expect at first. I had some doubts that it would just be vaguely hippie nonsense. But I find that just five minutes of yoga's a great way to get my thoughts together and help me to concentrate for long periods. It's a good way to keep me fit and flexible withough the pulls and strains of high impact exercise. So I have no hesitation and no embarrassment in recommending it to anyone. And after an extended sessions it's like you've taken a mild upper without all the nasty after effects ;-) 


"Just to say that your class yesterday was a very refreshing and enjoyable experience!"


Before starting yoga with Tori, I suffered with very poor posture resulting in 8 years of neck, shoulder and back pain. This pain was like constant toothache. Within the 8 years, I saw a physio and sports therapists, who eased my condition for up to a month at a time, but then the condition would return. I joined Tori's yoga classes in 2011 with the hope of becoming more flexible, within weeks of joining, I found my shoulder, neck and back were free of pain and I felt more free within my body than I can remember. 

Yoga with Tori has given me a pain free body, which has enable me to be more focused in  other areas of my life and feeling happier with myself. I would strongly recommend Yoga with Tori. Tori is very knowledgeable, warm and supportive and the classes are fun.


I'm very blessed to be taught yoga by such a lovely teacher... I am more calm, better rested and often more confident around other people as a result of doing the course.


It really sets me up in a good frame of mind for the rest of the week. I have tried many teachers, but was really inspired and learnt the most with Tori. Thanks


It has helped me to be more gentle with myself emotionally and physically...


Overall, yoga, with a lovely, sensitive tutor is the positive change that my life's been crying out for :-)


Tori, I think you are great, you are a real inspiration to me and the patients and staff alike. Your consistent approach and calmness is greatly appreciated. Thank you


A very well taught, well organised course that has improved the quality of my sleeping. As a result of the course I am far more aware of my breathing at bed time. PS and I can nearly touch my toes!


Thank you with all of my heart for your unique support and guidance since I joined your course. Being able to commit myself to something so  positive on a weekly basis is a big thing for me and your kindess and sensitivity has helped me to do that. I now have a reason to feel proud of myself, for the first time in a long time, as your classes have given me so much. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me to make that positive change to my life.


Just wanted to thank you again for the yoga class. It was really nice to see how you genuinely enjoy teaching and the pleasure you get from sharing your knowledge with others - your passion for yoga is very infectious. I left feeling very relaxed and happy and I'm looking forward to next week.


I just wanted to say that I very much enjoyed your yoga classes. Considering how nervous I was starting and how lacking in confidence I felt, I'd like to thank you for putting me at ease through your welcoming style of teaching. I'm going to miss the class but feel  that I'll practice some kind of yoga (in some shape or form!) for the long term now.


I have felt a lot more positive and less anxious.




I really enjoy your teaching style - it is gentle, very thorough, encouraging and always sympathetic.


I thoroughly enjoyed the course - you made everyone feel welcome!


The biggest change for me is learning what my body is capable of - small steps each week have made a significant difference to my strength and flexibility.


Just thought I'd pass on some feedback from J, who you may remember came to yoga with a bad back. She found the session was excellent, particularly the relaxation with the ball under the hips, which her physio suspects released a trapped/pinched nerve, which was causing her discomfort so she was able to move much more easily afterwards. J went on to say she really enjoys the way you change what we do whilst still including lots of stretches, particularly of the back, which is very useful for people who spend a lot of time at desks working on PCs


Thank you so much for your instruction and wonderful, calm, kind manner of teaching, which made it a joy to be there. My back thanks you as well.


Thanks again for the fabulous class yesterday, I really enjoyed it! I won't be able to make it today, but I definitely plan to be a regular at your class. Hopefully my flexibility will return soon. I've been feeling quite low since my race, but have felt really happy and uplifted since the class yesterday.  


I have really enjoyed the course. I wish  I had done it years ago. It's made me feel more positive.


Great class, lovely teacher. Thank you. 


Thank you, this course came along at a very difficult time for me and it's helped me cope brilliantly. Also the fact my back is almost normal is a big bonus!


I've really enjoyed this course. It's been very approachable and I would highly recommend this to other beginners. Thank you for a lovely course


It was lovely to see you this evening, and such a wonderful class - I got so much from it, so thank you.

I do wish to offer my sincere thanks for the passion for yoga you are instilling in me.  It's just making so much difference to my life! 


One of the reasons for coming to your yoga classes was that I have wanted to walk up Pen y Fan, but due to my back and hips this was something I thought I could not do but today I did it. It was absolutely amazing and my legs and hips were good, coming back down was fun legs were like jelly. 

I would like to thank you and your great yoga classes for the help in getting me to the top and back, not sure I will be able to get out of bed in the morning but hey I did it!!!


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