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Yoga with Tori

Therapeutic yoga

(See also the restorative sessions listed under the CLASSES page (Fridays 6-7:15pm)

I also work with particular groups and individuals who benefit from a more therapeutic form of yoga. This includes people with mental health issues, including personality disorders, people with drug and alcohol issues and those who support them, work in prisons or with those on probation or ex-offenders, and individuals with specific needs, such as MS, cerebral palsy, managing panic attacks or recovery from injury.


Yoga can be immensely beneficial for many people, and many have relief from physical and mental issues through a regular yoga practice. If you are interested in how yoga can help you, someone close to you, or a group of people you work with, please feel free to get in touch. I work 1-2-1, in small groups, as part of stress management or well-being days, delivering workshops or short sessions.


My training and qualifications can be seen here.


Yoga Therapy and Sports


I teach a wide variety of active people, including dancers, bikers, climbers, surfers, ice hockey players and triathletes. I focus on injury prevention, easing the discomforts and tight spots that are associated with a particular activity and promoting strength, mobility, focus and performance. I am currently working with dancers (Rubicon and National Youth Dance Wales) rock-climbers and mountaineers (Boulders) and athletes including triathletes, cyclists, runners, marshall arts practitioners and swimmers. I have also previously worked with a pro-icehockey player. Please contact me if you are interested in how yoga can support you in your sport or activity



Private Sessions


If you struggle to get to a class, or have a particular area that you feel would benefit from more 1-1 attention, please feel free to get in touch. In private sessions, I can fully tailor the practice to suit your needs and current ability and help you to focus on and develop the areas you are interested in. Sometimes private sessions can be about working through a particular injury, or tailoring the practice to a particular sport, sometimes it is a more general practice. Some people also use it to learn about some of the other elements of yoga beyond the physical practice. 

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